Power Engineering World Wide

Erling Hansen:

- Design of substations at all voltage levels:


- Conceptual and detailed design. Commissioning. Project managing

- Specification of all kind of High Voltage Equipment, Control and Protection

 Transformers, Reactors, Circuit breakers, CT, PT, SA

Experience from travelling and working in:
Denmark, Tanzania, Zambia, Pakistan, Thailand, Uganda, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nepal, Kosova, Benin

Beijing, waiting for Mao  Zedong

The Ngororo crater in Tanzania


This, I have eaten

The dam over Yangse river

Masai worrier at Ngororo

Scaffolding in Beijing, China

Model of the "Three Gorges Dam", China

Danish, English, German, Spanish and a little French.

Copper sulphide in transformers?

You may find me at:  ehn@energinet.dk

My employer is:  Energinet.dk   (The Danish TSO)

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